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Canada is cold in the winter

But somehow, even the prospect of ice through June and moose trampling the backyard garden is not enough to thwart many people from thinking seriously about moving to our northern neighbor.  This is, of course, in response to our nation’s recent snake eyes roll of (future) President Trump and a republican-led Senate.  I get it, […]

Clickbait, modern media, and bad science journalism

I’m sure you’ve seen it.  The article that really set your teeth on edge with its overblown interpretation of a single study.  The headline that takes the proud words of a scientist describing their life’s work and turns them into a universal declaration.   Stories like this are not merely an annoyance to scientists and the […]

Adventures in Democracy: Beware the Gerrymander

  This post is probably the first of several concerning policy and science, largely because policy is a career area that I have been exploring lately, but also because I’ve been interested in how science shapes policy (and vice versa) since my days as an undergraduate.  At the time I was very focused on education […]

Quick review: Life Story: The Race for the Double Helix

For my first post on this (mostly) science blog I’d like to combine two of my favorite things; science and film. I have an excellent science movie to recommend, and a drinking game to go along with it. Then I will drone on a bit about my personal views on science. Hooray for blogging! Life […]